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Team Building Ideas to Create a Strong Team

Team Building Ideas to Create a Strong Team

Are you looking for some great ideas and games to improve your team? Team building activities are a MUST for ALL teams to help improve the relationships between your team members. So when should you incorporate a team building activity? A good rule of thumb is to try and do 1 small 5 minute game each practice to encourage teammates that don’t normally talk to interact and to do a large, out of practice, team building activity at least once per month. Here are some ideas to start with:

Make a New Friend Game

Have 2 cheerleaders sit together that do not normally talk and have them find ourt3 things that they have in common. Once you give the team 5 minutes for this activity, have the 2 cheerleaders stand up and introduce each other to the team and reveal what they have in common.

Compliment Game

Have your team sit in a circle. Each athlete stands up and gives a compliment to the person next to them. This is a great way to build trust and confidence!

Get to Know You Game

Have 2 athletes stand next to each other. Give them 1 minute to notice EVERYTHING about each other. Then, have them stand back to back and then ask them some questions about their teammate like: What is their eye color, hair color, shoe lace color, what are they wearing, are they wearing jewelry, etc.

Back to Back

Girls must find a partner of close height, lock arms back to back, and sit on the ground with their legs straight out and try to stand back up. See which pair gets up the quickest.

The Human Knot

The team stands in a circle and everyone reaches out both hands and grabs someone else’s hands. The goal is to get the knot untangled without releasing anyone’s hands.

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Have FUN :-)