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About us


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A Community Marketplace with Meaningful Personalized Jewelry, Expert Cheer and Dance On Demand Programs, Impactful Community and Ambassador Programs and more!



Our Community Marketplace Mission

Our mission is to build a Community Marketplace where we Grow Great Things TOGETHER including YOUR Confidence, Style, Skills, Financial Independence and your DREAMS!

Connect:  Promote a caring community that EASILY connects expert teachers and students, where ever they are.

Learn:  Offer High Quality instructional programs from Expert Teachers that help you improve your skills, grow your confidence, have FUN and truly enjoy cheer and dance!

Shop:  Create Gorgeous, MEANINGFUL PERSONALIZED jewelry and accessories that represent YOU and empowers your passions!

Grow:   Grow Great Things TOGETHER!

    • To grow your confidence, skills and your dreams as our community connects people by offering expert coaches the vehicle to reach students worldwide and to provide an avenue for EVERYONE to experience great cheer and dance programs where ever they are.
    • To grow your Financial Independence, we are proud of our Ambassador program called FIT - the Financial Independence Team where you can generate a sustainable, long term income to fuel your upcoming event or your dream lifestyle!   JOIN our FIT Team HERE


    • We are excited provide motivational guidance and community impact with every purchase!
    • We are proud to help women become FIT!  As we help women become financially independent and grow multiple streams of income for themselves through sustainable business avenues. 
    • In addition, we are proud to partner with various non-profits to give money, product and services to empower our communities!




    Our Family of Empowerment Brands

    Our company, America's Leaders Inc., was founded in 1994 by offering in person cheerleading, dance, manners and more after school programs and summer camps.  As we have grown, we are now the largest Cheer and Dance After School program in South Florida with over 50,000 cheerleaders that have come through our programs!

    Through our journey, we are proud to offer our knowledge and services to you through our various brands including:

    Cheerleading Coaching Center:  The Cheerleading Coaching Center is designed for Cheer Coaches to help them with ALL of their coaching needs!  We have their entire season in 1 place including: curriculum, music, cheers and chants, forms, top tips, tryout procedures and MORE!
    If you are a cheer coach, let us help YOU!  Click on Cheerleading Coaching Center to check it out!
    Cheer and Dance On Demand:  Our Community Cheer and Dance Marketplace that brings Expert Cheer and Dance teachers together with students worldwide and offers meaningful, personalized jewelry and accessories.
    ACL - Amercia's Cheer Leaders:  Our after school and summer camp programs in South Florida.
    Cheerleading Info Center:  One of the largest cheerleading information sites on the web!   Check it out HERE!