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FIT Ambassador Program Details - It's Time to Start Your Business!




    Q.  What is FIT?
    A.  FIT ( the Financial Independence Team ) is Cheer and Dance On Demand’s Ambassador Program where you post the images and content that we supply along with your link and then you will receive a cash commission for all of the sales made through your link.
        Q.  Do I need Cheer or Dance Experience?
        A.  Nope! Our FIT team is for everyone; but a cheer or dance social media following is helpful.  As we offer Personalized Jewelry and Accessories that represent numerous sports and hobbies, everyone in any sport can make money with our products including:
          • Team Moms
            • Dance Moms
              • Cheer Moms
                • Team Fundraising Opportunities
                  • Soccer
                    • Ice Skating
                      • Softball
                        • Basketball
                          • Softball
                            • Pets
                              • Sororities
                                • Fitness
                                  • And MORE!
                                      Q.  Who is FIT for?
                                      A.  FIT is for anyone over 16 years of age ( or who is authorized / managed by parent or guardian ) and would like to earn some extra income via social media, in person or both! Also the FIT opportunity is great for Team Mom’s who need to fundraise for upcoming events!
                                        Q.  What do I get when I am accepted to FIT?
                                        A.  When you are approved for FIT, you will have access to your personal FIT dashboard where you will find all of your links, sales and content to post. Also, you will have access to our FIT training where we help you grow YOUR BUSINESS to meet your financial independence goals!
                                          Q.  Does it coast anything to join FIT?
                                          A.  Nope! It is FREE to join FIT!  And, you will get exclusive discounts if you would like to purchase items for yourself and to show your friends!
                                            Q.  How do I get paid?
                                            A.  You will receive a 20% ( and up to 30%! ) Cash Commission on all of your sales and will be paid via Paypal twice a month; remember, you can track all of your sales in your personal dashboard.
                                              Q.  Will I get help starting and growing My FIT Business?
                                              A.  ABSOLUTELY!!! It is a BIG part of our mission to help YOU succeed in your business!  As we believe that when we empower people to succeed, they will help others succeed and we all WIN!  Also, we believe that being financially independent is a gateway to success in all areas of your life and we are EXCITED to empower you to Live Your Dreams NOW!