Learn How to be a Great Cheerleader and to Coach Cheerleading

  • How to Make Your Cheerleading Practices More FUN!

    Would you love some fun ideas to get your team excited?!  How about some great ideas for your upcoming practices? Check these out and get started: Color Team Day:  Have a practice where the entire team wears a specific color.  For example, next week’s practice can be Pink day or Red day.  Also, ... View Post
  • Top Tips to Improve Your Cheerleading Hurdler Jump

    The Front Hurdler is a very popular cheerleading jump so mastering this one should be on your Cheer Goals list. As shown here, it can be done to the front or the side. Here are a few things to remember Arms: Hit a high touchdown motion in the air. Legs: Kick one leg toward your nose and in betwee... View Post
  • Team Building Ideas to Create a Strong Team

    Are you looking for some great ideas and games to improve your team? Team building activities are a MUST for ALL teams to help improve the relationships between your team members. So when should you incorporate a team building activity? A good rule of thumb is to try and do 1 small 5 minute game ... View Post
  • How to Easily Learn ALL of your Summer Camp Curriculum!

    While at Cheer Summer Camp, you will have the opportunity to learn SO MUCH  material and it may be overwhelming for a lot of your team.  Here are some tips from our Experts to help you get as much as you can out of your cheer classes: Remind your squad that everyone is learning, mistakes are exp... View Post
  • How to Make the Most of Your Cheerleading Summer Camp

    Are your going to Cheer Camp this Summer?  Here are some tip that will maximize your progress at camp: Know your teams starting skill levels; this includes stunting, tumbling, dance and leadership skills. Set some goals with your team about where you are and what you would like to accomplish a... View Post
  • Top Tips to Improve Your Cheerleading Toe Touch Jump

    It is a myth that you need to be able to do a perfect split to have a beautiful toe touch. If you actually look at one from the side, you will see that your body is in a "sitting" position and your legs come up to meet your hands. Also, you do not "touch" your toes - you should reach for your he... View Post