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The Best Cheerleading Jump Exercise - Jump Explosions

The Best Cheerleading Jump Exercise - Jump Explosions

Are you ready to improve your cheerleading jumps?  We have the BEST exercises that will absolutely help you today! 

Jump explosions are a great way to improve the height of your jumps and to practice your perfect landing; this exercise is all about lift!!!  Give is a try today with the tips below and watch your jumps improve :-)


  • Start with your feet together, bend your knees with your arms in an “elbows on the table” motion.
  • Jump as high as you can, explode off the ground with your arms in a touchdown position.
  • Point your toes.
  • Land with your feet together, toe – heel and bend your knees.
  • Focus on your height and lifting into the air.

Do a set of 8.

Practice Tips:

  • Do this exercise on grass as well as on your mats and spring floors.  The grass will be absolutely harder but you will get the most benefit from practicing there.
  • Do this exercise with your team and try to have everyone jump to the same height, so your jumps will look uniform and gorgeous!
  • When practicing at home, jump in front of a mirror to watch your form and to see how high you are actually jumping.  Try to improve your height each time.