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How to Coach Cheerleading

  • How to Make Your Cheerleading Practices More FUN!

    Would you love some fun ideas to get your team excited?!  How about some great ideas for your upcoming practices? Check these out and get started: Color Team Day:  Have a practice where the entire team wears a specific color.  For example, next week’s practice can be Pink day or Red day.  Also, ... View Post
  • Top Tips to Improve Your Cheerleading Toe Touch Jump

    It is a myth that you need to be able to do a perfect split to have a beautiful toe touch. If you actually look at one from the side, you will see that your body is in a "sitting" position and your legs come up to meet your hands. Also, you do not "touch" your toes - you should reach for your he... View Post
  • Cheerleading Jump Practice Tips You Should Know!

    “The way your practice is the way you perform!” If you practice with a big smile, sharp motions and confidence, you WILL perform it that way.  If you practice with sloppy arms or just “walk through” your routine and do not practice full out, you will have a more difficult time during your perfor... View Post
  • The Top Cheerleading Jump Mistakes and Solutions

    Do you want to improve your cheerleading jumps?  We've got you!  Check out these top 9 common jump mistakes and solutions to help you improve your jump TODAY! View Post
  • FREE Download! Cheerleading Tryouts Made Easy!

    Would you love some help and see how Expert Coaches organize their cheerleading tryouts?  Check out this FREE Download that will not only help you organize your tryouts but will also make them FUN and EASY! Get your FREE Cheerleading Tryouts Checklist HERE! View Post
  • FREE Cheerleading Chants Volume 1!

    Would you love some cheerleading chants for your team or just to have FUN at home?  Check out our FREE Cheerleading Chants Volume 1 Ebook with over 70 FREE Cheerleading Chants!  Just add this ebook to your cart and check out and your download link will be on your orders page, and YES it is TOTALL... View Post