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Easy Tips to Clean Your Cheerleading Routine ( or Dance Routine ) Like a Pro!

Easy Tips to Clean Your Cheerleading Routine ( or Dance Routine ) Like a Pro!

Are you looking for some EASY tips to clean your cheerleading or dance routines? Check out these simple ideas to get your routine looking its best:

  1. Video tape your practices and then send it to all of your cheerleaders via the Group Me app, email or text. This way each of your athletes can see what they do and can put your suggestions into action.
  2. Have your cheerleaders practice their routine at home in a mirror so they can see their individual performance.
  3. During your team practice, have your team practice their motions in a line – one in back of the other, not side to side. This will help to make sure all of the motions are at the same levels as they should be the same as the person in front of you. Tip: If you are standing in front of the line, you should only see 1 person.
  4. Practice the way you want to perform – full out! If you practice full out ( most of the time ), you will have no problem performing it full out. Also, SMILE and do your facials when you practice, this way you will automatically smile during your performance and it makes practice more fun! 


Have each one of your cheerleaders come up and watch the performance live at practice so they can give immediate feedback to the team;  sometimes it is more effective for your cheerleaders to hear feedback from their peers.

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