8 Tips to Increase Your Confidence Today!

There is one skill that will improve ALL areas of your cheerleading journey, your CONFIDENCE!  Here are some easy tips that you can use today to help improve your self esteem and confidence right away!
If you are a Cheerleading Coach, try these tips with your team and watch your team's performance and overall moral improve immediately!
Remember, confidence is not something that you find or “get” because you already HAVE IT!  So how do you use it?  First things first, you must CHOOSE to use it!

Here are 8 tips to turn on your confidence because you deserve to feel AMAZING about yourself:

1.   Pay attention to your body language.  Are standing up tall with great posture or are you slumping over.

2.  Do a “Power Pose” for 2 minutes and watch your  confidence explode!
Try this one:  Stand up tall with your hands on your hips, shoulders back and feet a hips width apart – just like Wonder Woman.   Yes it is OK to laugh while you are doing it – try it, it works!

3. SMILE!!!  Try smiling BIG for 15 seconds and feel your mood improve.

4.   Post positive reminders and motivational sayings around your home like by your bed and in the bathroom.

5. Pay attention to your Self Talk.  What are you saying to yourself?

  Do these sound familiar? 
  • “This makes me look fat” or 
  • “I’m having a bad hair day”? 

What you say about yourself impacts how you feel and your confidence.

Solution:  keep a journal of these negative thoughts and then write a new POSITIVE thought to replace it!

6. Exercise!  When you exercise, you automatically feel better and PROUD of yourself

7. CHOOSE!  Make a conscience choice to be confident!

8. Fake it till you feel it!  I know it sounds weird but studies have shown that if you pretend to be confident and act like a “confident person”, you will eventually be that person!

Remember, TODAY is the perfect day to grow your confidence because You Got This!