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  • How to Run a Successful Cheerleading Tryout

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  • Top Tips to Maximize Your Cheerleading Tryout Organization Forms

    To run a successful cheerleading tryout, you essentially need 3 sets of forms:  your Tryout Forms, the Parent Packet and your Judging Forms.  In this article, we are going to review your Tryout Forms and give you some top tips to think about when putting together your forms: For your Tryout Forms... View Post
  • FREE Download! Cheerleading Tryouts Made Easy!

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  • Top Tips to Improve Your Team TODAY!

    By now, I am sure you have heard of the docuseries CHEER on Netflix.  It not only is entertaining but a wonderful look into what cheerleading is all about.  There are so many lessons that can be learned to improve your team that you can implement TODAY!  Take a look at our list and try a few of the tips with you team and watch your athletes grow individually as well as a team! View Post
  • Create Your Own Cheerleading Charm Bracelet Stack and SAVE!

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