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Top Tips to Improve Your Cheerleading Hurdler Jump

Top Tips to Improve Your Cheerleading Hurdler Jump

The Front Hurdler is a very popular cheerleading jump so mastering this one should be on your Cheer Goals list. As shown here, it can be done to the front or the side. Here are a few things to remember

Arms: Hit a high touchdown motion in the air.

Legs: Kick one leg toward your nose and in between your arms with your knee facing up; the front leg is always straight. Your back leg should be lifted, and bent, like a track runner jumping over a hurdle; the knee can be pointed down or to the crowd.

Feet: Point Your Toes!

Landing: Make sure to land properly with your feet together, toe to heel and with bent knees.

Tips to improve your front hurdler jumps:

  1. Keep your chest up! It’s important not to cut off the height of your jump by tilting your chest forward.
  2. Get air time. You’ll need a lot of power and lift to have enough time in the air to execute the skill. Be sure to jump hard off the ground, using your chest and arms to help lift you higher.
  3. Work on flexibility for your “kicking” leg. If you can’t do a high kick toward your nose on the ground, you won’t be able to do it in the air. Be sure to warm up properly and make stretching for jumps part of your regular cheer practice routine.
  4. Don’t forget about the back leg! The tendency is to concentrate so hard on kicking your front leg, that you don’t realize that the back leg is still dangling around down there. Be sure to bend that knee and lift your back leg, with as much power as your front leg!

** This jump is usually performed with the cheerleader positioned on an angle so you can see the jump.