How to Easily Learn ALL of your Summer Camp Curriculum!

While at Cheer Summer Camp, you will have the opportunity to learn SO MUCH  material and it may be overwhelming for a lot of your team.  Here are some tips from our Experts to help you get as much as you can out of your cheer classes:

  • Remind your squad that everyone is learning, mistakes are expected and that you rarely get things on the first try so KEEP TRYING!
  • Keep the learning portion light and positive.  Give out compliments, rewards and make the learning FUN!
  • When learning dances, split up your team and send a small delegation to each of the routines as it is difficult to remember 2 or more routines, plus cheers, stunts etc. For example, if you send 5 girls to the hip hop dance and 5 different girls to the fight song, you are more likely to come back home with girls who will remember all of the curriculum.
  • Video tape as much of the curriculum as you can so you can reference it and refresh your memory at practice.
  • Keep a journal (and ask your cheerleaders to keep a journal as well) to take notes of what you are learning, your thoughts and how you are going to incorporate the new skills into your season.