The Top Cheerleading Jump Mistakes and Solutions

Do you want to improve your cheerleading jumps?  We've got you!  Check out these top 9 common jump mistakes and solutions to help you improve your jump TODAY! 

    1.  Practicing with bad habits: Remember, if you want perfect jumps, practice is not enough.  When you practice you MUST use proper skill and technique to create awesome jumps!
      2.  Starting with your feet apart: When you start with your feet together, you will get the most power and lift off the floor;  also having your feet together looks clean when you perform jumps as a team.
        3.  Using a double prep: Tendencies to “double-bounce” or add an extra bend of the knees before taking the big dip is a big disadvantage to your success.  When you do this, you are cutting off momentum, wasting energy, and your timing will be off with the rest of your team.
          4.  Flexing your feet: For ALL of your jumps, please keep your toes pointed!  Whether your are doing jumps at tryouts, a game or during a competition, jumping with pointed toes ALWAYS looks better and will get you higher marks!
            5.  Dropping your chest: Dropping your chest lowers your jumps, it’s that simple.  Keep your chest up in all of your jumps and show off your gorgeous smile and good form to the crowd.
              6.  Reaching down to your toes: When you reach down toward your toes, you automatically bring your chest down and lower your jumps.  ALWAYS bring your legs UP to your hands.
                7.  Creating a bend in your legs on the way down: To have great and safe landings, you will need to snap your legs and feet together after your jump.  Bending your legs on the way down looks bad and will through off your jump.  Remember, snap your legs up and then snap them down to keep it clean!
                  8.  Landing stiff and feet apart:  Always land with your feet together and with your knees bent to absorb your landings. Do this EVERY time to save your joints from pain and injury.
                    9.  Having sloppy arm motions: Last but not least, don’t forget about good motion technique while performing your jumps. Be sure your arm motions are just as sharp and snappy as your cheerleading jumps!

                      If you would love some more help with your cheerleading jumps, check out our Jump Instruction HERE!