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Cheerleading and Covid 19 TOP TIPS to Making Your SEASON Successful and Safe!

Cheerleading and Covid 19 TOP TIPS to Making Your SEASON Successful and Safe!

With covid 19, so many things have changed and that includes our amazing sport and every other sport too!

So, with many states opening and planning to open schools this Fall, what does cheerleading look like and how do we make this a successful, fun and safe season for everyone involved?

As I am entering my 27th year of coaching and running the largest cheerleading after school company in South Florida with over 1,500 cheerleaders per season, I have been giving this A LOT of thought and I wanted to share my top General Tips and Practice Tips with you.  Here are my top overall, “general” tips for you to consider for your organization:

General Tips:

As you know, the CDC has put out guidelines that we all should to follow, and when practice begins, there should be know exceptions, so:

  1. You should do temperature checks for everyone at the beginning of practice – all athletes, coaches and anyone else that is required to be there. You can purchase a touchless thermometer from your local pharmacy for around $19.
  2. If anyone is feeling sick, do not allow them to stay at practice.
  3. Keep LOTS of hand sanitizer at practice for your athletes to use often.
  4. Reduce the amount of people you have around your practice, for example ask your parents to not attend practice or make sure they stay over 6 feet from your area.
  5. Wear masks! It is a best practice to have everyone at your practice to wear a mask.  If you do not want your athletes to wear a mask, your coaches and any other people around your practice should be wearing one.

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