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Cheerleading and Covid 19 TOP TIPS to Making Your Practice Successful and Safe!

Cheerleading and Covid 19 TOP TIPS to Making Your Practice Successful and Safe!

With covid19 so many things have changed and that includes our amazing sport and every other sport too!  So, with many states planning to open schools this Fall, what does cheerleading look like and how do we make this a successful, fun and safe season for everyone involved?

As I am entering my 27th year of coaching and running the largest cheerleading after school company in South Florida with over 1,500 cheerleaders per season, I have been giving this A LOT of thought and I wanted to share my top tips with you and here are my Top Tips to use at your PRACTICE.  For my Top General Tips for your organization – CLICK HERE.

Practice Tips:

  1. Limit the number of practices that you meet in person. For example, instead of practicing 4 time a week, just meet for 2 times per week.
  2. To make up the practice times, send curriculum to your team via videos and have them learn them at home. So when you do meet, you will not have to “teach” the curriculum just review and work on formations and team integration.
  3. You can also do virtual practices with zoom and other virtual services where everyone can interact and learn together.
  4. When you do get together, try to keep your practices as short as possible. Also, make them as productive as possible and do not waste time.
  5. Maintain social distancing during practice by keeping your team in formations where there is space between each athlete instead of allowing everyone to sit together or just be in groups.

For MORE TOP TIPS on how to make your practice safe, check out the full article on the Cheerleading Coaching Center HERE