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Top Tips to Maximize Your Cheerleading Tryout Organization Forms

Top Tips to Maximize Your Cheerleading Tryout Organization Forms

To run a successful cheerleading tryout, you essentially need 3 sets of forms:  your Tryout Forms, the Parent Packet and your Judging Forms.  In this article, we are going to review your Tryout Forms and give you some top tips to think about when putting together your forms:

For your Tryout Forms, you will need the following:

  1. Cheerleader Tryout Application
  2. Cheerleader Tryout Teacher Reference Form
  3. Tryout Tips for Cheerleaders
  4. Tryout Check In Attendance Master Roster
  5. Tryout Clinic Agenda

Purpose of these forms:

This set of forms will help you get your tryouts organized as well as compile all of the pertinent information about your athletes.

Top 5 Tips for your Tryout Forms:

  1. In your Cheerleader Tryout Application, make sure to have a section for your athlete to disclose ALL of the social media accounts they are active on. Also be sure to  CHECK THEM!  If they become a member of your team, they will now be ambassadors for your organization and you will want to confirm that their social media presence represents your team's brand and message.
  1. If your team is for a school, make sure to get at least 3 Teacher Reference Forms and have them delivered to YOU and not back to your athlete. These forms should give you an insight to their character, leadership and responsibility.
  1. Make sure to have a "Tryout Tips for Cheerleaders" form available to new cheerleaders that would like to join your team. You should encourage EVERYONE to tryout and enjoy the experience.  This Tryout Tips sheet should give them tips to excel during the tryout process including how to get ready for the experience, what to do on the day of tryouts and tips to excel during their tryout.
  1. Having a Master Tryout Check In Attendance Roster is a MUST as it will track the attendance of each athlete at every event. Most coaches require their athletes to attend all of their events and this form will have you easily track attendance of each participant.
  1. Your Tryout Clinic Agenda should be a detailed outline of what you will be teaching at your clinic events as well as the time allotted for each skill. Most teams hold a 2 or 3 day clinic to make the material accessible to everyone and to be sure they have enough time to learn your curriculum.  Also, your clinics give you a great insight to your cheerleaders' attitude, teamwork and other skills so be sure to walk around and notice the athletes as they practice and go through your clinic.

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