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Top Cheerleading Jump Practice Tips to Help You Have Amazing Jumps!

Top Cheerleading Jump Practice Tips to Help You Have Amazing Jumps!

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Would you love to improve your jumps? All it takes is practice, practice and more practice! So here are some things to remember when you are practicing:

  1. The way you practice is the way you will perform! If you practice “half way” then when you perform your jumps, they will not be their best.
  2. Practice in front of a mirror: This way you can see what your jumps look like.
  3. Practice smiling: By doing your facials (facial expressions) in front of a mirror you will automatically smile during your jump execution.
  4. Practice on the ground: There are several jumps that you can practice while sitting on the ground including the Tuck Jump and the Toe Touch. This technique will allow you to feel what it should be like in the air.
  5. Practice on various surfaces: When you practice on a variety of floors including spring floors, grass and on mats, you be able to perform anywhere and you will build strength in your legs ( jumping on a spring / competition floor is much easier than jumping on grass ).

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