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How to Do Cheerleading Jumps - Video Classes

  • $19.95

Would you love to learn how to do Cheerleading Jumps?  We have the perfect set of classes for any beginning cheerleader and for those who want to improve their jumps!

With this Jumps Program, you will receive all of the following 2 Video classes and 1 Cheerleading Jump Ebook, here are all of the details:

Introduction to Cheerleading Jumps - Video Class

Are you ready to learn some cheerleading jumps?  Join us for this "Into to Cheerleading Jumps" class and follow along as we teach you the main parts of a jump, 2 beginning jumps and of course the toe touch jump.

Also, you will learn some great practice techniques and exercises to have great jumps.

This is a great class for anyone who wants to get started with their cheerleading jumps as well as the beginner cheerleader who needs some extra help improving their jumps.


Cheerleading Jump Drills and Technique  Video Class

Are you ready to improve your cheerleading jumps? This Jump Drills and Technique Class will teach you various exercises and drills to get you going in the right direction;  you will learn:

  • Jump Explosions
  • Whip Approach Drills
  • A Jump Floor Sequence
  • Toe Touch Exercises including V ups and various floor leg raises.

And to finish the class we go through a fun and easy stretch to relax the muscles you just worked and to improve our flexibility.


Cheerleading Jump Ebook

In 26 pages, we have everything you need to know to get started and to master your jumps including the Toe Touch!!! Here is what you will be getting to help you have GORGEOUS Jumps:

* Detailed photos, descriptions and tips of the 8 Cheerleading Jumps including: the Toe Touch, Front Hurdler, Straight Jump, Tuck, Herkey, Spread Eagle, Double Hook and the Side Hurdler.

* 3 Easy Stretches to improve your flexibility.

* 5 Jump Exercises to give you gorgeous jumps.

* 9 Common Mistakes and Easy Solutions.

* 6 Practice Tips to help you practice on your own.

* Detailed breakdown of the approach and landing of your jumps.

* Practice Log to help you reach your jump goals.


    For more fun chants and cheerleading skills that you can use at home or with your team, check out our other classes including:


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