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Exercises Classes to Improve Your Fitness and Your Flexibility - Video Classes

  • $19.95

Would you love to Improve Your Fitness and Your Flexibility?  With this 30 minute Exercise and Stretching Program, you will receive all of the following 3 Video classes, here are all of the details:

Core and Lower Body Exercises to Improve Your Skills and Fitness!

Join us for this fun 13 minute exercise class that is all about improving all of your cheer and dance skills as well as your fitness!   These are great exercises to practice at home as well as with your team.  This video class includes:

  • Top Exercise Tips for Your Success
  • Slow Kicks to build your leg strength.
  • Fast Kicks to improve your flexibility.
  • Lower Core Exercises
  • Oblique Exercises
  • Calf Exercises to improve your jumps, dance and stunting skills.
  • A full lower body routine that includes our complete lower body sequence, that is a must for all athletes.

All About Your Core Exercise Class

This 9 minute exercise class is all about strengthening your core which includes your stomach and back.  Having a strong core will not only improve all of your cheer and dance skills but everything you do throughout your day.  Join us for:

  • Top Exercise Tips
  • Planks - Beginner to Advanced
  • Side Planks - Beginner to Advanced
  • Push Ups - Beginner to Advanced
  • Upper Back Exercises
  • Lower Back Exercises
  • Bicycles for your Abs - Beginner to Advanced
  • Stretches to improve your fitness!


Fun and Relaxing Stretching Class to Improve Your Flexibility

Are your ready to lengthen your muscles and improve your flexibility?  Join us for this fun, quick 8 minute stretching class that you can do anytime to improve your cheer and dance skills as well as your overall fitness.


    For more fun chants and cheerleading skills that you can use at home or with your team, check out our other classes including:


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