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Cheerleading Charm Bangle Bracelet Set of 4

  • $53.95
Product Summary: The following are the items that will be included with this purchase:

* 4 Cheerleading Charm Bangle Adjustable Bracelets with 4 charms each.
* 1 Spirit Card
* Keepsake Drawstring Bag

Here are all of the awesome details :-)

If you LOVE those super popular, and beautiful, bangle charm adjustable bracelets, then you will LOVE these Cheerleading themed ones!!!!!

This is the ultimate cheerleading fashion statement with a set of 4 beautiful stainless steel, adjustable bangle bracelets that have 4 charms each! Wear them individually or stack them for a fashionable stacked look. This item includes the 4 charm bracelets in the individual photos.

Materials:  This bracelet is stainless steel so it will wear great!

Style Tip: This bracelet is perfect to wear alone or stack it with more charm bracelets for a fashionable cuff look; see the picture for an example :-)