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CIC Ambassador Program

Would you like to join an Outstanding Team of People that will help YOU reach your goals? 

Do you have a TON of Cheerleading Expertise that you would like to share with our cheerleading community? 

Or would you just LOVE some EXTRA MONEY as one of our Brand Ambassadors?

We are now taking applications for 2 CIC Teams:  the CIC Content Team and the CIC Financial Independence Team.  If you would like to be considered for our Teams, just fill out the below application and we will get back with you within 48 hours.  Thank you for your interest in joining our amazing Teams and we look forward to working with you!

 CIC Content Team:  If you are a College Cheerleader,  Senior All Star Cheerleader or Outstanding Coach, we are looking for you!  We are adding outstanding contributors to our editorial team to help us provide great cheerleading content and tips!  If you would love to get published and contribute to the cheerleading community, we would love to hear from you!

CIC Financial Independence Team (FIT):  The CIC Brand Ambassador Program is NOW OPEN!!!  If you are an active member of the cheer community and would love to make some extra money, then FIT, the CIC Financial Independence Team is for you!  Our CIC Ambassadors offer all of the CIC products and services and make a great commission!  You MUST be 16 years of age or older and be a ACTIVE on INSTAGRAM, Facebook or other Social Media Platform!    How does this program work?  Once you are approved, it is SO SIMPLE!  Here are the details:

1.  We will give you a CIC Discount Code for your customers where they can save money off their CIC purchases ( Cheerleading Programs, Jewelry and Accessorite ).

2.  Share your specific code on your social media and with your teammates.

3.  When people make their purchases with Your Code – YOU MAKE MONEY!

4.  See YOUR MONEY in your Account!!!!! 🙂


Are your ready to start making money?  Just fill out the form below and you are on your way! 🙂

First Name:
Last Name:
Email Address:
Phone Number
How would you like to be contacted: Email
Phone Call
All of the Above
Are you 18 years of age or older? Yes
Where do you live?
Which CIC Team(s) would you like to join? CIC Content Team
CIC Financial Independence Team
Both Teams
What are your most active social media accounts and what is your user name?
How did your hear about our teams?
Please tell us about your Cheerleading Background and why you would like to join the above CIC teams.
If you would like to add a Cheer photo or headshot, please do it here. Thank You!

Thank you for your interest in our CIC Teams!  We will review your information and we will get back with you in 48 hours.  Have a fabulous day!