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Gimme More Advanced Jazz Combination Class by Alexis Rowland

  • $8.95

Choreographed by Alexis Rowland (Gilbert)

It’s always a good day when you’re dancing to Britney Spears! This combination will really challenge you or your students with musicality and timing. It’s great training because we will focus on how to dance fast and quick, while still having style and control. If you’re a teacher or coach, this is the perfect combo for a fun class that will push your students. If you’re a dancer, grab some of your friends, find some space and have some fun! (This video is mirrored for your convenience.)

Music: “Gimme More” by Britney Spears - go to your music provider to buy the original cut.

Start the music at 1 minute and 52 seconds. That will give you a 2 eight count buffer before the choreography starts.