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Dance Technique Classes Set 1: Leg Holds, Pirouettes and Back Attitude Turn by Alexis Rowland

  • $39.95

Choreographed by Alexis Rowland (Gilbert)

Are you ready to take your dance skills to the next level - actually 100 levels up?!  In this amazing Dance Technique Collection, Expert Dance Instructor Alexis Rowland teaches you the top dance skills and how to master them.  This Dance Technique Collection includes 9 of the most popular dance skills and a complete warm up! 

This listing includes 4 videos and is for the 3 skills below and the Warm Up.  If you want to really improve your dance skills, check out the entire Dance Technique Collection - HERE

Technique Series - Set 1 - Run Time Approximately 26 minutes.

Video 1- Core & Stability Warm Up

In this video, Alexis takes you through exercises that will really set you up for technical elements. You will focus on strengthening your abs, strengthening your legs, proper alignment, and balance… all things you need for turns, leg holds, jumps, etc.! If it burns, GREAT, it means you are pushing yourself and getting stronger! Enjoy! (This video is mirrored for your convenience.)


Video 2 - Leg Holds

Everyone loves a good leg hold. So, Alexis is here to make sure you are doing it technically correct so that you can really show off that flexibility. She will break down two different ways to do a side leg hold so that you can decide what works best for you and/or your team. Remember, it’s not always about how high the leg can go, but the alignment and technique behind it. (This video is mirrored for your convenience.)


Video 3 - Pirouettes

Pirouettes are so important in the dance world. But, no worries, Alexis breaks it down so that you can practice correctly and improve your turns. She focuses on a jazz prep into a jazz pirouette and gets very detailed on how to execute it correctly. In the video, her assistants demonstrate multiple pirouettes, please do not let that discourage you. I am a huge believer in focusing on the quality of the turn instead of the quantity. Focus on the alignment and technique before how many turns you can do. Slow and steady wins the race!! (This video is mirrored for your convenience.)


Video 4 - A Back Attitude Turn

Back attitude turns are a gorgeous movement and look great on everyone when it’s done correctly. Alexis talks about the placement of a back attitude and how to prep into the turn. For the arms, she has her assistants to a high “V” jazz line, but feel free to switch the arms up and get creative! (This video is mirrored for your convenience.)