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Cheerleading Coaching Center SILVER - TRYOUT Membership

  • $69.00

Are you a Cheerleading Coach and would LOVE some help with your Cheerleading TRYOUTS?  Are you a NEW Coach that needs some direction or an experienced Coach that would love some New Ideas?  We've Got You Covered!

Join us on the Cheerleading Coaching Center for your ENTIRE SEASON in 1 place!  Check it ALL out Risk FREE for 24 Hours! 

When you join the Cheerleading Coaching Center here on Cheer and Dance on Demand, we will turn on your membership within 24 hours and we will send you an email with all of the details for you to sign in and access your goodies!

Here is everything you will receive in your SILVER TRYOUT Membership:

Tryout Forms:

  • Tryout Checklist
  • Cheerleader Tryout Application

Parent Packet and Admin Forms: 

  • Welcome Letter
  • Cheerleading Rules and Expectations
  • Practice and Game Schedule
  • Financial Overview
  • Teacher Reference Form
  • Liability Waiver / Release Form

Tryout Forms: 

  • Tips for Cheerleaders
  • Check in Rosters
  • Tryout Clinic Agendas
  • Tally Form
  • Judging Score Sheets
  • Judge Contact Sheet
  • Judge Information Sheet

Tryout Curriculum: 

  • Tryout Dance
  • Tryout Cheer
  • 3 Chants
  • Toe Touch Jump
  • Front Hurdler Jump
  • Ebook: Motions
  • Ebook: Beginning Chants
  • Ebook: Football Chants
  • Ebook: 150 Chant


 Thank you for your interest in the Cheerleading Coaching Center and if you have any questions, just let us know HERE.

We look forward to helping you have an AMAZING Cheerleading Season!