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Dance Technique Classes Set 3: Second Leaps, Fan Kicks, Calypsos by Alexis Rowland

  • $39.95

Choreographed by Alexis Rowland (Gilbert)

Are you ready to take your dance skills to the next level - actually 100 levels up?!  In this amazing Dance Technique Collection, Expert Dance Instructor Alexis Rowland teaches you the top dance skills and how to master them.  This Dance Technique Collection includes 9 of the most popular dance skills and a complete warm up! 

This listing includes 4 videos and is for the 3 skills below and the Warm Up.  If you want to really improve your dance skills, check out the entire Dance Technique Collection - HERE

Technique Series - Set 3 - Run Time Approximately 24 minutes.

Video 1- Core & Stability Warm Up

In this video, Alexis takes you through exercises that will really set you up for technical elements. You will focus on strengthening your abs, strengthening your legs, proper alignment, and balance… all things you need for turns, leg holds, jumps, etc.! If it burns, GREAT, it means you are pushing yourself and getting stronger! Enjoy! (This video is mirrored for your convenience.)


Video 2 - Second Leaps

We’ve already worked on right/left leg split leaps, now it’s time to touch on second leaps! In this jump, your body is facing the front with your legs and arms in second position. Focus on the prep and the landing of the jump, they are just as, if not more, important then the actual jump. Have fun and pointe those toes! (This video is mirrored for your convenience.) 


Video 3 - Fan Kicks

In this video, Alexis focuses on fan kicks with the bottom leg in plié. The reason why she chose to work on this specific fan kick is because it is great for group dances. Everyone’s flexibility is different, so with the bottom leg in plie, it helps get the leg higher for everyone. Alexis will show you three different arm variations, just make sure to keep that chest lifted and shoulders down! (This video is mirrored for your convenience.)


Video 4 - Calypsos (Back Attitude Turning Leaps)

We are finishing off our technique series with Alexis’ favorite jump, the calypso! (Also referred to as back attitude turning jumps.) She breaks down the correct position of the jump and how to still get height from a chanaé turn. We hope you’ve enjoyed this technique series! Keep up the hard work and remember to always focus on proper technique. Happy Dancing!! (This video is mirrored for your convenience.)