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Dance Technique Classes Set 2: Second Turns, Split Leaps, Back Arabesque by Alexis Rowland

  • $39.95

Choreographed by Alexis Rowland (Gilbert)

Are you ready to take your dance skills to the next level - actually 100 levels up?!  In this amazing Dance Technique Collection, Expert Dance Instructor Alexis Rowland teaches you the top dance skills and how to master them.  This Dance Technique Collection includes 9 of the most popular dance skills and a complete warm up! 

This listing includes 4 videos and is for the 3 skills below and the Warm Up.  If you want to really improve your dance skills, check out the entire Dance Technique Collection - HERE

Technique Series - Set 2 - Run Time Approximately 27 minutes.

Video 1- Core & Stability Warm Up

In this video, Alexis takes you through exercises that will really set you up for technical elements. You will focus on strengthening your abs, strengthening your legs, proper alignment, and balance… all things you need for turns, leg holds, jumps, etc.! If it burns, GREAT, it means you are pushing yourself and getting stronger! Enjoy! (This video is mirrored for your convenience.)


Video 2 - Second Turns (A La Seconde Turns)

In ballet, these turns are called “a la seconde” turns, which means “spin with leg to the side.” In jazz class, you’ll hear them being called “second turns” and are very popular in the dance team and competition world. Alexis gives you all her tips and advice on how to execute this with proper technique. Take your time with this element, just like the pirouettes, slow and steady wins the race here, as well! (This video is mirrored for your convenience.) 


Video 3 - Split Leaps

Do you or your students struggle with hitting their split during a leap? Alexis shares her favorite tips in this video while breaking down right-leg leaps. (This video is mirrored for your convenience.)


Video 4 - Back Arabesque “L” Leg Hold 

Another element that is very popular in the dance world, is a back arabesque leg hold. Alexis calls it an “L” because in the position, your body is the shape of an “L.” This move can be difficult to balance, but, this video breaks down how to find the stability so that you can really show it off. (This video is mirrored for your convenience.)