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Cheerleading On Demand

Welcome to Cheerleading on Demand by America's Leaders -!  Would you LOVE some awesome cheers and chants already choreographed for you?  What about some dances and the music!?!  

We have EVERYTHING you need if you are a cheerleader and what to improve your skills or if you are a Cheerleading Coach and what to make your season SUPER EASY with all of your forms, motivation and curriculum! 

Just check out the video below for a preview of our cheerleading chants ( and to learn a Full Chant NOW ) and links below to get started with our digital instruction including ebooks, videos, classes, and MORE!

We look forward to helping you with your Cheerleading Career!  :-)




Cheerleading Cheers and Chants!

Dance Routines

Cheerleading E-Books

Cheerleading Jumps

Conditioning Exercises, Stretching and Flexibility Training

Cheerleading Stunts!

Cheerleading Motions

How to Coach Cheerleading


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